Saturday, April 4, 2009

Eagle Consus ET-CSIU2J-BK dual SATA drive JBOD enclosure

After the WD hard drive failure I had yesterday, I decided that I need more backup storage. Therefore, today I bought this drive enclosure from Microcenter along with a pair of 1.5 TB SATA Seagate drives in order to build a 3 TB array. The enclosure is supposed to take two SATA drives, and make theme look like a single larger drive.

I noticed that the box for this enclosure said 2 TB limit, but the salesman said it probably just hadn't been tested with larger drives. The price was right, so I took a chance.

I tried it as soon as I got home, and the two 1.5 TB drives were recognized as ... only 750 GB total :-( A quarter of the actual capacity.

Unfortunately, that means the enclosure is useless to me. I was hoping to reduce the number of power supplies/USB plugs and hook up more high capacity drives. But this isn't the solution unfortunately. So, both the enclosure and the two hard drives will be going back.

If someone knows of a JBOD enclosure that doesn't have this 2 TB limit, please let me know.

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