Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fry's Electronics has an inventory problem

I tried to purchase a Kensington Expert Mouse Trackball today. I first looked at Frys.com and checked that the item was available at the closest store to my office, which is Sunnyvale. Then I drove there. But surprise, it wasn't there.

From my smart phone, I checked frys.com and it still said the item was in stock. I placed an order from my phone. Within 5 minutes, I got a phone call from fry's saying they couldn't locate one. No apology or rain check. But they did tell me there were 3 in stock at the Campbell store. I was half doubting the information at that point, but I did drive there, and was finally found the item at Campbell's. All 3 were open box.

The only satisfying part of this shopping experience was taking advantage of Fry's new heavily advertised price matching with an online store, which turned out to be a 32% discount.

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