Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where to find Thermador X302X oven meat probe

About a year ago, I bought a home which included a nice Thermador X302X double oven in the kitchen. One of the features of the top oven is the ability to use a meat probe to cook meat at the specified internal temperature. Unfortunately, the probe was nowhere to be found in the foreclosed home, and the bank wouldn't have been able to help.

I contacted Thermador to get a new probe. They informed me that they had to parts information for this model, including the probe. They were able to provide a manual for the oven, which is apparently a 1999 model. It seems that the current owner of Thermador, BSH (Bosch Siemens) is less than helpful with support for older models.

I did a lot of online searches for Thermador parts. Finally, I located this part at Amazon : For BOSCH / BSH Range Oven Baker Grill Meat Temperature Cooking Probe NEW. It only cost $15.99 delivered, so I took a chance. The probe was delivered last week. And it worked !

I used it once to roast some prime beef at 145 degrees. It was just slightly overcooked, more medium than medium rare, but pretty close. Next time I will know to set it a little bit lower.


  1. thanks Julien! I am on the waiting list at amazon.

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