Sunday, September 24, 2017

Comkia (Central Computers) Mobi Vault H05 USB 3.1 SATA enclosure vs Toshiba N300 6TB SATA hard drive

This will be a short post. The above combination does not work, period. The enclosure isn't even recognized by the OS when plugged in to the machine. Apparently, this enclosure has a size limit, and 6TB is too much for it. I tried with some older model of USB 3.0 SATA enclosures by Comkia and they did not work either. So, buyer beware. My H05 is going back. I will be looking for another SATA USB 3.1 enclosure without a size limitation.


  1. Need a power cable for COMKIA Mobivault Z3. What is the voltage and Amp requirement?
    Appreciate your help.


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