Monday, September 25, 2017

Roland Fantom XR and UM-880 USB interfaces vs Windows 10 64-bit

Roland does not provide drivers for Windows 10 for the above devices. The Windows 8/8.1 drivers do not install properly under Windows 10 .

Some modifications can be made to the drivers to load them successfully. However, this will break the signature check in Windows 10. Thus, this signature check has to be disabled.

The following post explains how to modify the Roland drivers for Windows 10 :

The following link explains how to disable signature check so you can install those drivers :

Unfortunately, every time Microsoft posts a major update, such as the Creators update, unsigned drivers are disabled, and this entire process has to be repeated.

It would be simple for Roland to update and resign the drivers for Windows 10. Somehow, they don't care, because it won't sell them any more hardware. This is typical of hardware companies, and SAD !

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