Saturday, November 14, 2009

Logitech Webcam Software trouble under Windows 7

Earlier this year, I reported my good experience with the Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 under Windows Vista x64. Unfortunately, after installing Windows 7 x64 (clean install), my experience is no longer good. The application that comes with the camera causes many problems.
  1. Clicking on "microphone" in LWS causes the application to hang
  2. Cannot bring up "manage audio devices" in Windows control panel . It never comes up
  3. LWS 1.10 installation does not complete (window not responding, hung for hours)
  4. Skype settings window hangs (clicking tools/options in the menu)
  5. Skype won't make calls . An endless dialtone rings even after one tries to terminates the call.
  6. Skype won't exit
  7. LWS.EXE cannot be killed from task manager
  8. uninstalling the LWS application 12.10.1113 solves all of the above problems.
    But of course one can no longer take snapshots without this application installed.
  9. Reinstalling the software does not help. All the problems come back. This is with the latest LWS110_x64.exe package.

I'm hoping that Logitech will provide a solution, and I will update this blog if they do, but so far, I have been out of luck. In the meantime, if you have similar problems, and can live without the Logitech Webcam application, uninstalling it may solve your issues.


  1. hi,
    I also encountered similar issue. Windows live stop responding after video call accepted.

  2. Same problems. Very frutrating.
    I had win7 64bit home from new.

  3. Hi Julien,
    Have you solved the problem yet?
    I am having similar problem. If no solution, I am returning the Webcam Pro 9000 to the shop and try MS Lifecam Cinema instead.
    Thanks a million.

  4. No, I have not solved the problem. Logitech hasn't released any new software since 10-27-2009.

  5. Same problems here, but figured out a solution for getting the cam and cam mic to work - but not the Logitech Software (I have no use for that anyway).

    1 - Unplug the webcam
    2 - Go into the program manager and completely uninstall all logitech related software
    - Video Conference Software first (forget the name)
    - Logitech Webcam software second
    - Logitech driver software last
    3 - Reboot Windows
    4 - Go into your sound setting and make sure that only one speaker device is enable and NO microphones are enabled
    5 - Plug the web cam in
    6 - Let Windows auto recognize and install the drivers (three different sets of drivers should load if you view the details of what Windows is doing)
    7 - When asked if you want to update the Logitech Software, install the software, or download updates from the internet say NO, Cancel, whatever you have to do not to do it
    8 - It should then work flawlessly in other programs and as a mic

    So far so good, but there was 1 incident where I had to reboot because all sound and the mic stopped working - hoping it was a fluke.

  6. I have the cam working, with the Logitech drivers, just not its applications. I wouldn't mind having it working to take still shots for example. But so far no luck.

  7. I have the same issues, plus have the added feature of iTunes not launching when the LWS 1.1 software is installed. I guess I need to buy a new webcam because I need my camera to be mirror imaged and rotated 180 degrees, which I believe only the Logitech SW will do (LWS, not Logitech Vid). Anyone get this to work using just LWS?

  8. This appears to have been fixed, finally !


    There is a 64 version of LWS 1.1

  10. This solved the issue for me too.